My Least Favorite Tiny House Appliances

Tiny House Appliances

Alright, since my “least favorite things about my Tiny House” article was such a hit, I thought I’d write another snarky, yet honest, review. This time I’m going to list my least favorite Tiny House appliances. This is an opinion article, so if you disagree, I’m very sorry… but it’s just how I feel. Some of these appliances are overrated. Some of these appliances are too expensive. Some of them, just suck. Let me explain.

I Won’t Buy These Tiny House Appliances

Loud Water Pump

A lot of my complaints involve noise level. Here’s the thing – in a Tiny Home, you need peace a quiet. If your Tiny House appliances are constantly humming and beeping, you will go insane. My first water pump was extremely loud. So loud, it startled me. Later I replaced it with a quieter, more expensive pump.


Dickinson Marine Propane Heater

I love the aesthetic of the Dickinson propane heater, but there are some serious downsides to this appliance. First of all, this manual states that the heater should only be used with supervision. Meaning, you can’t run it while you’re out of the house. So, no matter what, you’re going to need a second heat source to regulate the temperature in your home. Secondly, this stove burns one pound of propane every 5-7 hours. In the climate I’ve chosen to park in the last three winters, I would spend approximately $120 on propane per month just on heating my house! That’s more expensive than if I used electricity.

These heaters were originally designed for the marine industry. When you’re out in a sailboat, you’ll always be around to monitor the heater. And, you don’t have easy access to wood or electricity. These heaters make perfect sense, for that purpose…. but not for regular homes, or even homes on wheels.


Incinerator Toilet

My bias towards incinerator toilets is based completely on hearsay. Personally, I haven’t used one, but I’ve had multiple Tiny Housers warn me to stay away from these expensive poo-pulverizing machines. They use a ton of electricity, make loud noises, and (worst of all) they pump smells of burning feces into your yard. If you have neighbors, they won’t be pleased. Also, at nearly a price tag of nearly $1,900, this toilet is stupid expensive.



Since my video “Living in a Tiny House Stinks!” hit one million views, and a bunch of people heard me complain (read: whined) about having to vacuum, many of my viewers suggested I get a Roomba. Well, I didn’t. Why? Because that’s a terrible idea! My floor space is about 10 feet long, so I would be tripping over the darn thing all the time! And, no matter how quiet people claim a Roomba is, it’s still going to be too loud. Finally, a Roomba wouldn’t solve my problem – dog hair and other debris under my cabinets and on my couch cushions. And, most importantly, it would scare my dog. Nope, a Roomba is not going to be one of Tiny House appliances.


CLICK HERE for a full list of appliances I DO recommend




  1. Jason Carvajal
    October 23, 2020 / 8:58 pm

    Dang…I bought the water pump that I have in my tiny based on your original recommendation for a pump. It works great but it is very loud. Was helping my brother refurbish an RV on a budget and ordered something cheaper and it was so much quieter, I was like what the heck. Never had to deal with a water pump before, I just assumed they were all as loud as mine.

  2. Tia Conroy
    March 14, 2020 / 7:43 pm

    My husband and I are in the early planning stages. I don’t want to deal with a black water tank, but I don’t know where I would empty a composting toilet. Now I also know incinerating is not a good option. I’m confused.

    • User Avatar March 17, 2020 / 9:02 am

      You can empty a compost toilet into your trash. Just bag it in a biodegradable trash bag. Or you can start an outdoor compost to recycle the matter in a few years.

  3. May 18, 2019 / 5:35 pm

    Thanks for helping me understand that we must choose a water pump that is not that loud since it will be annoying to be in a house with a humming or beeping sound. I will keep that in mind now that I will be needing appliances like that for our small house that is almost finished. It is being constructed since last March, and it is said to be finished before this month ends that is why we need to buy appliances.

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