Four Years Tiny & A New Adventure

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Four years ago, my Tiny House was born, and every year I celebrate her birthday by recapping how we’ve grown over the last 365 days. Year four was different than all of the other years. As most of you know, I moved out of my Tiny House about this time last year after three years of full-time living. Over the past year, I have been sharing my house with others – as a rental – while living more permanently with my boyfriend in his 500 square foot Seattle cottage.

Year Four: From 165 square feet to 500 square feet

Nabil (my boyfriend) used to claim that he lived in a Tiny Home until he met me and realized that a 500 square foot cottage is not exactly what us minimalist extremists would call “tiny.” To be fair, when I first visited his cottage, it felt tiny. He had filled the space with bulky furniture, family knick-knacks, clothes, shoes, and… well, you get it… too much stuff! When I moved in, with my meager amount of belongings and an adorable dog, I had nowhere to put my stuff. His house felt cramped. Like, really cramped. I couldn’t stand it.

But I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. Nabil and I started purging, re-organizing, and compromising. Nabil (bless him) made many trips to Goodwill, and he allowed me to replace some of his furniture with multi-purpose space savers. We installed high shelves with tasteful bins so he could store his family knick-knacks out of sight, but not in the trash or Goodwill bin (where, honestly, some of these things belong). The number of people that fill their homes with worthless family “heirlooms” that can’t be thrown away due to guilt, but eventually end up in the landfill anyway, is bonkers. Digitize and use the cloud as your attic! But, I digress.

Salies gained a doggy-door and a fenced backyard in her new home. I planted a vegetable garden. After one year, this small house has started to feel like home.

Year Four Tiny House

A Tiny Family Member Was Born in Year Four – Apollo!

My thirst for tiny spaces was not quenched. In February, Nabil and I adopted a 60 square foot vintage camper, “Apollo,” which is parked in our driveway. We renovated it and took a 6,000 mile (problem-filled) road trip. Admittedly, the attention in year four shifted to Apollo, while my Tiny House (“Journey”) sat parked four hours away at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village.

I visited Journey once a month to reminisce and get away from city life.  Whenever I arrive at her gorgeous front door, my stomach starts to do summersaults. I’m so eager to go inside. I want to smell the old smells, lay in her comfortable bed, and read my guestbook. The reactions from renters have been very fulfilling.

Tiny House Movement

A New Adventure with my Tiny House

I miss my Tiny House. So, for the last six months, I’ve been searching for a new parking spot closer to Seattle. Mt Hood has been great, and it’s bittersweet to leave after more than two years of residence, but I want to see my Tiny House more often. Finally, I found the perfect fit.

My Tiny House, which has been a mountain home for years, will now be an island home! Journey is moving to Whidbey Island, just one hour from Seattle, to park on a beautiful farm owned by a fantastic family. Like I did with Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, I will help them develop a potential Tiny House village while acting as their Tiny House guinea pig!

Tiny House Farm

Tiny House FarmI want to describe the farm, even though I can’t do it justice with words. Here goes. The family of four, with two young girls, grow their own food in a gorgeous high tunnel. Wednesday is “gardening day;” Anyone who lives on the property can work in the high tunnel to learn about sustainable gardening. They also breed and grow rabbits and chickens, and often they trade meat for other goods with neighboring farmers. Recently, they traded for oysters! Several RVs are parked around the property, providing housing for Woofers and renters. There is a communal yoga/meditation sanctuary, outdoor shower, and a sauna available for use. Hiking trails weave through acres of forest, leading to a yurt that is going to be used as a rental, and, soon, Journey the Tiny House.

Year five will include more updates on my Tiny House’s new location. Stay tuned!

Community Sauna on the Farm

Watch live on Instagram as I move my Tiny House October 1st – October 3rd




  1. Kelly McAuly
    September 14, 2019 / 8:54 am

    My name is kelly. I am recently divorced and have been investigating tiny home life for over 5 years. I am drawn to living this way but just don’t know where to start even though I have the money.
    Any advice from you would be wonderful as I would love to incorporate some of my own furniture pieces into the build.
    My email is and I thank you for any help in this journey at all.

    Yours truly,
    Kelly Reichert McAuly

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