Hoarder Downsizes to a Tiny House to Cure Herself

Hoarder Tiny House

With all of the convulsive buying and materialism in the United States, who among us doesn’t know a hoarder? Most Americans have one in the family. Some hoarders even find it difficult to part with items that no or little value, believing every possession has (or will have) worth. But what is empty space worth?  To a Tiny Houser, it’s worth a lot.

In a Tiny House, empty space is precious and, therefore, priceless.

Typically hoarders have large homes, with so much empty space that they feel overwhelmed with the sparseness. The television says they should fill their home with “stuff.” Stuff will make you feel happy and rich. And so the compulsive buying begins. And it’s addicting! Garages, sheds, and attics are filled. Then the spare bedroom, kitchen, living room become more storage than a functional living space. The once large home now seems very small. Even tiny. Clutter is everywhere, and empty space now seems precious, because there is none. Soon the house is unbearable. Life seems miserable and hopeless. What does a person do when they hit this point?

What if a hoarder forced themselves to live in a Tiny House?

Hoarder Tiny House

This is exactly what self-proclaimed hoarder Jen Fuist did. She downsized after she finally had enough of her compulsive buying. She needed a change. A sudden, prolific change. So she bought a Tiny House and forced herself to fit everything she owned inside of it. All other possessions had to go.

Tiny House Appliances

Hoarder Tiny House

This alternative and progressive choice turned out to be a healthy one for Jen. Her Tiny Home, which she shares with her two cats, is now organized and clutter-free. The small space has helped her curtail her hoarding habits. She now has to think long and hard before she purchases something new. After a while, this new mentality became natural and routine.

Hoarder Tiny House

Can a Tiny House cure a hoarder? Maybe; maybe not. Currently, it’s working for Jen, and she is very happy about her new lifestyle change. As long as she lives tiny, the habit to overbuy and collect has been under control.

By the way, Jen’s Tiny House is fantastic! I toured it this summer, and I was so impressed with the layout and organization. Make sure you check out the full story and video tour below. You can also follow her on YouTube.

Watch the full tour of Jen’s Tiny House:

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  1. Allison Fawcett
    October 27, 2021 / 7:33 pm

    Did she build this herself or did she hire a builder? Thanks!!

  2. Loula
    October 11, 2020 / 12:29 pm

    I love the colors and contrast she put into this house

  3. meredith blaney
    December 30, 2018 / 6:25 am

    My absolute favourite tiny home ever! I’m a cat lady also so I really appreciate the thought & care put into making the cats happy!

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