Shipping Container Becomes Modern Backyard Additional Dwelling Unit

Shipping Container Home

I have always wanted to publish a video tour of a shipping container home on this website. But, oddly, after shooting more than 70 Tiny House videos in the last 4 years the opportunity has never happened… until now. Today I’m proud to feature this gorgeous backyard shipping container home owned by a family in Denver, Colorado.

Watch a Video Tour of this Modern Shipping Container Home:

This modern Tiny House was built by Alternative Living Spaces and Container Guys Intl. The home was created from a standard 40-foot shipping container, trimmed down to 33 feet to create 235 square feet of living space. The interior design is modern, bright, and feels very spacious with several large windows and french doors that open up to the private yard.

The single-story design, with wide doorways, is an wonderful example of an ADA accessible Tiny Home.

This shipping container home has sleeping space for four, with two queen beds – one in the main bedroom and the other in the convertible sofa. The kitchen is fully functional with a two-burner electric hot plate, convection oven, apartment-sized refrigerator, coffee machine, and a breakfast bar.

Shipping Container Home

The bathroom is enormous for such a tiny living space, featuring a large shower, flush toilet, and sink with a vanity.

Shipping Container Home

“Shipping container homes aren’t regularly available, so I’m excited to share the space with others.” – Sarsha

Sarsha¬†(the owner) and her family have placed their shipping container home in the backyard of their main house. They use the space to host visiting family and friends, creating a private oasis for their loved ones. When they don’t have family¬†visiting, the shipping container acts as an AirBNB rental, which is an additional source of income for the family.

Shipping Container Home

Legal Backyard Shipping Container Homes & the Additional Dwelling Unit Classification

One way to legally have a backyard shipping container home is to permi the structure as an Additional Dwelling Units (ADU). You will need to check your local jurisdiction to make sure you fulfill all of the local requirements – such as minimum and maximum square footage, foundation requirements, utility hookups, etc.

Click here to see how one Tiny House Community in Portland, Oregon has several Tiny Homes permitted as backyard ADUs.

Shipping Container Home

Please note, some areas of the United States do not allow ADUs, but that can always change. Make sure to check first with your local representatives, such as your local building and code department. If you hire one of the above builders to create your shipping container home, they can help you follow the proper path to legality, if that is your goal.

Would you consider a Shipping Container Home as an Backyard ADU?

*All photos provided with permission from the owners / builders*


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