Panorama Glass Lodge: Stay in this Gorgeous Icelandic Tiny House

Panoramic Glass Lodge

As a nature junkie, Iceland is one of my most favorite countries to visit. I just can’t get enough of the other-worldly landscape, from volcanos to glaciers to majestic waterfalls. Everywhere you turn, you are greeted with a breathtaking view, so it’s hard to spend any time indoors. That’s why the Panorama Glass Lodge – a Tiny House vacation rental – features a glass room with a glass roof! This way, even when you lay down for the night, you can stare in awe at the northern lights.

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Features / Amenities

  • Hot tub for two people
  • Luxurious bathroom with waterfall showerhead & colorful light show
  • Kitchenette with stove top, mini fridge, and sink
  • Bedroom with glass panels from wall to roof (and shades for privacy)
  • Porch with outdoor seating
  • Private parking
  • Electric heat
  • Epic views


*Photo provided by Panorama Glass Lodge

Panorama glass Lodge


*Photo provided by Panorama Glass Lodge


The location of the Panorama Glass Lodge is about 40 minutes from Reykjavik and 1 hour 15 minutes from the international airport. The only way to reach the Tiny House is by renting a car, as there isn’t any public transportation in the area. Remember to rent a car with 4 wheel drive in the winter months. The closest town is about a 12-minute drive, so it’s a good idea to bring your food and cook your meals at the Tiny House. Like many vacation rentals in Iceland, the location is pretty remote, but that is what makes the scenery so amazing!Panorama Glass Lodge


You probably already know this, but everything in Iceland is expensive. Hostels will cost you about $50 USD per night for a twin bunk bed in a shared room with the bathroom located down the hall. I honestly believe Iceland is one of the priciest countries to visit in the world (at least that I’ve experienced). So, the Panorama Glass Lodge is no different than any other amazing/luxurious accommodation in the country. Expect to pay $400-$500 per night, with a two-night minimum, in the peak season. You should also book months in advance as it’s very popular. Yes, it’s a splurge to stay here, but many people choose to book this accommodation for special occasions, such as a honeymoon.

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Panoramic Glass Lodge

Is it worth it?

I suppose that depends on your budget and personal preference. For some, seeing the northern lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many tourists spend hundreds of dollars on tours, and still, never see the aurora. I actually have never seen it myself, and I’ve tried… many times. It’s a bucket list item for me.

I didn’t get a chance to stay in the Panorama Glass Lodge, only visit for a few hours to shoot a tour. But if I was able to stay, and I saw a fantastic light show from the comfort of that hot tub, I don’t think I would have any regrets about the money spent. That being said, if the weather didn’t comply (as would be my luck), I might feel a little disappointed. It’s definitely a risk. Are you willing to splurge and take the risk?

Northern Lights

*Photo provided by Panorama Glass Lodge

Panorama Glass Lodge

If you’re looking to visit Iceland on a low-budget, and you don’t care about creature comforts, consider renting a campervan. Click here for my experience! 

*The featured image & other noted photography provided by Panorama Glass Lodge. Otherwise, all photos were taken by Jenna Spesard for this blog. This post and video were not sponsored, and (as always) these opinions are my own.* 



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