Family Downsize into a Luxurious Self-Built Tiny House; Happier Now!

LA Tiny House

Living in Los Angeles is expensive (I know from experience; my journey started there). So when Steven Mejia lost his corporate finance job, he decided to rethink his own family’s finances. After running the numbers, Steven and his wife, Sarahi, decided to build and downsize into a Tiny House – lowering their cost of living –  in order to stay in Los Angeles County with the opportunity to start their own business. Flash forward a few years, and the Mejia family is thriving in their beautiful Tiny Home!

Watch a Full Tour of the Mejia’s Tiny House:

Why Would a Family Downsize into a Tiny House?

By downsizing into a Tiny House and working from home, the Mejia’s are able to spend more quality time together as a family. In an interview with the couple, Steven and Sahari commented on how they feel more connected to their young son, and that they didn’t realize how their jobs and “big house” lifestyle was taking away from their family time. It turns out you can gain more than financial freedom by living with less; you may also gain a stronger connection to your children and your spouse!

Family Downsize

Top Features of the Mejia Tiny House:

  • Telescopic dining room table that can become a kitchen island at the touch of a button
  • Main floor bedroom with soundproofing from Mom & Dad
  • Murphy bed that folds up and has an office hidden underneath!
  • Wine barrel bar that also doubles as a staircase step
  • Large kitchen downdraft stove
  • Couch that folds into an additional queen size bed
  • Large bathroom with washer/dryer
  • Large loft bedroom for their young son
  • Additional loft used for a closet and reading space
  • Huge HD Television in the living room

family downsize

Could You Downsize into this Tiny House with Your Family?

Additional photos provided by the Meija family. Find out more by visiting their informational website



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