Craftsman Tiny House Built by Artsy Couple to Escape Rent

Craftsman Tiny House

Laurel and Brandon built a Tiny House so that they can escape the rent trap and starting working on careers they were passionate about. I can relate. This is one reason why I went tiny (along with the urge to travel the country)! Their craftsman Tiny House is a spectacular work of art, and it has fueled Brandon’s passion for woodworking. In fact, he has now built and sold three additional Tiny Houses and started his own company! Without the burden of living paycheck to paycheck, Laurel has also been able to pursue her dream of selling her art. Isn’t it amazing how learning to live with less can give you so much more?

Watch How This Craftsman Tiny House Has Helped them Follow their Passions!

Features of this Tiny House:

  • Office space for two people
  • Large lofted bedroom
  • Easy to climb the staircase with storage built in
  • L-shape kitchen with lots of storage
  • Full-size fridge
  • Two-burner electric stove
  • Convection Oven
  • Washer / Dryer combo unit
  • Mini Split Air Conditioning & Heat Unit
  • Small porch
  • Three-axels
  • Composting toilet
  • Metal Shower

I love the color choices they used in the design. Purple and green! Another one of my favorite elements of this home is beautiful woodworking, from the trim to the facia boards. Much of the wood was sourced from Brandon’s family’s property, which adds a special sentimental element to the home.

To reach the loft, Laurel and Brandon have to duck underneath a structural beam, creating a keyhole entrance for their loft. The beam is necessary because they decided to extend their loft from the original plans (plans designed by Tumbleweed Tiny Homes). I’m sure you get used to ducking underneath it after you hit your head a few times! Oh, the joy of living in tiny spaces… we will put up with a few head bangs in order to gain financial freedom!

Craftsman Tiny House

One element that was important to Laurel was to feature a stained glass window and, as you can see above the front door, it adds a certain uniqueness to their home. Meanwhile, the glass window used in their custom-made front door was created from an old window pane. Finding a tiny front door isn’t an easy task, nor is it cheap! You can read more about my own tiny front door experience on this blog.

What is your Favorite Element of this Craftsman Tiny House?


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