Modern Tiny House in the Mountains Expands to the Outside

Modern Tiny House

Lately, I’ve been swooning over modern Tiny Homes. Maybe this is because the modern aesthetic is the exact opposite of my rustic Tiny House design (the grass is always greener). Or maybe it has something to do with the shed or flat roof that is often used in modern Tiny House design. Flat roofs do a batter job of expanding tiny living spaces than the classic pitched roof; there is no point in denying it! Not convinced? Let’s take a look at Mark and Mary’s modern tiny home, built by Seattle Tiny Homes.

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Watch a Video Tour of Mark & Mary’s Modern Tiny House:

A few elements that really stand out in this gorgeous design is 1). The fact that it sleep six people comfortably, 2). the nano doors on each side of the home allow that open the space to the outdoors, and finally 3). the shed roof that allows for two full-size lofts. Mark and Mary told me that they also strategically placed doors and windows all around the house so that the mountains would always be in view. By doing this, the house receives a lot of natural light and feels larger than it actually is.

Modern Tiny House

Three sleeping spaces? Yes, you heard right! Mark and Mary have one downstairs bedroom and two lofts. Altogether their modern Tiny House can sleep six people comfortably! Since they primarily use their Tiny Home as a vacation retreat, and they often invite friends and family to join them, privacy was a priority for them. They placed cabinets in one of the upstairs lofts to create a privacy wall, while the downstairs bedroom has two pocket doors that meet in the middle. The second loft is mostly used for kids and features two twin beds.

Mark and Mary's Tiny House

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that this Tiny House also has two decks, a breezeway, and a shed for ski equipment and other outdoor gear! Mark and Mary like to play in nature so they built these additional spaces to expand the living area into the outdoors, without bringing the messy parts of nature (ie. mud and snow) inside.

Modern Tiny House

Top Features of Mark & Mary’s Tiny House:

  • Three bedrooms – two lofts and a downstairs full-size bedroom
  • Full kitchen with drawer dishwasher, large fridge, induction cooktop, microwave, and toaster oven.
  • Two decks & covered breezeway with propane heaters and barbecue
  • Detached shed for outdoor gear
  • Two full glass nano doors that open the home up to the outside
  • Bathroom with full-size shower & RV flush toilet (connected to septic)
  • Bathroom sink separate from the bathroom, so guests can use it while someone is showering
  • Washer / Dryer combo
  • Beautiful, sleek finish woodworking

Twin Loft

Modern Tiny House

What do you think of this modern Tiny House design?



  1. Linda Struble
    October 8, 2022 / 9:55 pm

    How much do you pay to rent the land your house sits on?

  2. Alex
    February 19, 2020 / 8:41 pm

    Really like some of the thoughtful features and details. The handrail. The usable window over the sink. The induction cooktop and range hood. Ya, I get that electricity isn’t always available, but still like the space savings. The tow behind shed is an idea I had and, boom, here it is. Cool. Agree that the basic box maximizes space (its simply a fact) but it ends up looking like an uninteresting box. Imagine that. But overall, it seems to be a very roomy and livable space. Thanks for sharing.

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