These Animal Lovers Live in a School Bus with 5 Pets!

These Animal Lovers Live in a School Bus with 5 Pets!

Animal lovers Adam and Rachel have always wanted to live nomadically, but they had one big challenge – what would they do with their 5 pets? It seemed impossible to design a Tiny Home that would accommodate so many animals, so the couple put their dream on hold. Then, one day, Adam and Rachel learned about school bus conversions (or “Skoolies”). After that, they were inspired to convert a school bus into the perfect rolling home for themselves, their two cats, two rabbits, and a senior dog. Now they are proving to the world that it is possible to live the bus life with pets!

Bus Life with Pets! Watch the Full Tour with Adam & Rachel:

During construction, Adam and Rachel thought carefully about how they could accommodate their furry friends so they would be comfortable and happy on the road. They built a custom climbing area for their cats and reserved a large area in their kitchen for the bunny hutch. Litter box and pet food storage were accounted for in the design, and they even squeezed in a king-size bed, which they share with their dog and two cats at night.

Bus LIfe with Pets

They Designed with Their Pets in Mind

Adam and Rachel’s bus design has a unique layout. They chose to do a compartmentalized bathroom and closet area in the middle of the bus, splitting the small home into two distinct areas. The shower and toilet are in separate stalls, and both Adam and Rachel have a full-size closet! There are two main sitting areas on the busĀ  – the front office and the back dining area. The kitchen and large bedroom are located in the back end of the bus, which features two exit doors that can open to expand the space.

School Bus Conversion

This bus is completely off-grid with solar power, a wood stove, and a propane stove and oven. Adam does most of the driving so he installed an adjustable seat for himself, while Rachel sits on a love seat behind him during transit. They are currently adventuring around the USA with their fur babies. Follow them on Instagram by clicking here.

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