Their Tiny House has a Sauna!?

Their Tiny House has a Sauna!?

When choosing a Tiny House layout you have to make compromises. For some, this may mean living without an oven in your kitchen or a tub in your bathroom, but when it came time for Molly and Ken to downsize, they decided to prioritize space for one large luxury item – a sauna! I believe this, ladies and gentlemen, is a Tiny House first!

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Why a Sauna in a Tiny House?

Molly and Ken had a sauna in their previous large home, and they simply couldn’t part with it. Hey, moving into a Tiny House doesn’t mean you have to part with every luxury. In order to make room for a sauna in their bathroom, Molly and Ken had to extend their bathroom size. This ultimately meant that they had less space in their kitchen, but they were willing to make that sacrifice. A sauna is a splurge item, for sure, but to each their own! This is why I love Tiny Houses – anything is possible with a little creativity.

Other Features of Molly & Ken’s Tiny House:

  • Projector & screen in the living room for movie nights
  • L-shaped couch with built-in storage; Large enough for two to stretch out
  • Colorful staircase with pattern design & shoe storage compartments
  • Loft bed with skylight & television
  • Wood accents everywhere
  • French doors on the side of the house to let in extra light
  • Awesome outdoor space with a fire pit and hammock chairs

Where Are They Parked?

Molly and Ken have parked their Tiny House in an RV park in Austin, Texas. There are several other Tiny Homes in this RV park, so they feel like they have a little Tiny House community.

How Much Did they Pay and Who is the Builder?

Molly and Ken paid $80,000 for their custom Tiny House. The builder is Mint Tiny Homes out of Canada. Since going tiny, they have been able to put money toward a house they actually own (albeit tiny) instead of renting an apartment. In Austin, they pay less for their mortgage than they would in rent. So, for Molly and Ken, going tiny was a good financial decision.

What Luxury Item Would You Make Room For in Your Tiny Home?

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  1. Chelcee
    August 9, 2020 / 2:48 pm

    How long is this tiny home?

  2. January 16, 2020 / 4:24 pm

    How is the sauna powered? Can it run on 110?

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