Millennial Buys a Tiny Home Instead of Going for a 30 Yr Mortgage

Millennial Buys a Tiny Home Instead of Going for a 30 Yr Mortgage

Buying your first home can be really intimidating, especially in today’s expensive market. Many of my videos showcase millennial home buyers that have found an alternative solution to a large home with a 30-year mortgage – purchase a Tiny House! Could it be that Tiny Homes are the perfect solution? In today’s video tour, a young woman in her 20s is going to explain why buying a Tiny House in Austin, Texas, was the right choice for her financial situation. She’s also going to take us through her home, which is stylish and extremely functional.

Take a Tour of Torey’s Tiny House:

Are Tiny Houses the Perfect Solution for Millennial Home Buyers?

Torey fell in love with her Tiny House at first sight, and she was lucky enough to find the perfect parking spot for it in a mobile home park in Austin. The house has an enormous window in the dining room, which helps make the interior space feel bigger. It also features an easy-to-climb staircase with an intricate railing and gorgeous Shou sugi ban siding. The parking space came with a shed and a cement patio, so Torey has plenty of storage and a nice place to sit and read outdoors, enjoying the lovely Texas weather.

Her home has a mini-split, for hot summer days, in the storage loft. Torey also chose to use that space as a closet and vanity room for getting ready in the morning. And she has plenty of space for her shoe collection! Torey’s kitchen is well equipped with an oven, stove, and fairly large fridge (by Tiny House standards). The bathroom has a flush toilet, a small sink, and a shower. Torey’s one criticism is that she misses having a bathtub, but home just wasn’t big enough for it.

Millennial Tiny House

Torey lives in her Tiny Home with her dog, Dandelion, and she often hosts movie nights with her friends. She has had six people over at a time, and the house doesn’t seem too small! Her boyfriend is considering moving in with her, but Torey says they are “trying it out” first to see if space will be adequate.

Millennial Tiny House

In the video tour, Torey shares her finances in detail. She took out a loan for her Tiny House, which built by and the purchase price was $60,000. Torey is currently spending about $1,000 a month for her mortgage, utilities, and parking space rent. That’s pretty affordable considering the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Austin is $1350. And, in 12 years, she will own the home. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a smart financial decision.

Torey will own her Tiny Home and be debt-free by 40!

Millennial Tiny House

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