Two Tiny Houses & One Tiny Island!

Two Tiny Houses & One Tiny Island!

Sam and Tim have been living in a Tiny House for three years, and they love it! After saving for a few years, they are now ready to invest in a piece of land. Since they are in Florida, they decided to buy a tiny island! With their new project on the island already in construction, Tim and Sam will soon have two Tiny Houses! How cool is that?!

Take a Tour of Sam & Tim’s Tiny Homes:


Tiffany the Tiny Home

“Tiffany,” named for the stained glass windows and light fixtures, has been Sam and Tim’s primary home for three years. They are currently parked in an RV park, so they have a flush toilet, wifi, running water, electricity, and plenty of on site amenities. When they move to their island, things are going to change. As for now, the island is off-grid, so Sam and Tim are currently building up the infrastructure. They will be putting a compost toilet in their THOW as well as their new Tiny Home on foundation.

Two Tiny Houses

Features of Tiffany The Tiny Home:

  • Projector & screen in the loft
  • Stained glass windows & light fixtures
  • Storage staircase with hidden area for their propane water heater and cat litter box
  • Custom couch ottomans that tuck under the bench when not in use
  • Custom made cutting board that fits over their stove and sink
  • Air Conditioning
  • Washer / Dryer Combo

Tiny House Appliances


After three years of living tiny, Tim and Sam now have TWO TINY HOUSES and their OWN ISLAND!

Two Tiny Houses

Shellmate Island Tiny Home

Shellmate Island is actually located in a fresh water lake, so there isn’t (as much) concern about raising water levels. The previous owner was using the island for RV storage and as a dump. When Tim and Sam acquired the property, they began by cleaning it up and preparing the site for a prefab Tiny Home by DeltecHomes. As I mentioned, this tiny will be on a foundation. It’s also totally hurricane proof! The island was already clearcut when Tim and Sam bought it, and it had a manmade bridge connecting it to a residential neighborhood. In total, the property is about 1/4 acre, and it features a barn and a covered boat launch. The plan is to move their Tiny House on wheels to the island and to rent the new home out on AirBNB.

“Our goal isΒ  to give others a chance to experience living Tiny.” – Tim, on why they have two Tiny Houses.

Two Tiny Houses

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