Solo VanLifer Supports Himself on the Road

Solo VanLifer Supports Himself on the Road

In today’s video, I’m featuring Lear Miller and his amazing self-converted sprinter van. Lear is an incredible photographer, and his van actually helps support his career. How, you ask? For one, his van dwelling gives him more flexibility to travel off the beaten path in order to get the most unbelievable shots. He can also now travel with all his gear AND a place to sleep, which is so helpful to get those early morning or late night photographs. It’s crazy to think that vanlife has not only simplified his lifestyle, but it has actually elevated it as well! I’ll let him explain in more depth in the video.

Video Tour of Lear’s Off-Grid Sprinter VanLife:

Elevating his Career through Downsizing

Before converting a sprinter van, Lear was taking photos that didn’t really fit his personal style. Besides photography, outdoor recreation is Lear’s passion. His dream was to combine his art (photography) with his sport (mountain biking in particular). So, vanlife has allowed him to not only simplify his lifestyle, but also elevate his work! Now Lear is able to travel for early morning or night shoots with all of his gear AND a place to sleep. His off-grid home includes 4×4 upgrades which also provides him with the flexibility to go to the most ruggedly beautiful locations. He has partnered with brands that align with his outdoor interests, and his career is really taking off.

Check Out Some Of Lear’s Photography:

Features of Lear’s Sprinter Van


Don’t you think all homes should support their owners as much as Lear’s? A house should work for its owner, not the other way around. Whether it be on wheels or foundation, if you design your home to fit your unique lifestyle you’ll find yourself much happier. I guarantee it!

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*Photos courtesy of Lear Miller. Follow Lear’s Van on Instagram


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  1. Jordan Veitch
    January 27, 2024 / 11:06 am

    This “self-converted sprinter van” is fantastic. I love this inspirational ✨vanlife✨ content, and how it can be in used to support one’s leisure pursuits! I should build a Recreational Van (“RV”) myself! #RVlife

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