Family of 6 Living in a Renovated Vintage Airstream

Family of 6 Living in a Renovated Vintage Airstream

A lot of parents dream of hitting the road in an RV with their kids, but not many families would choose to live that way full time. Well, that’s not the case with today’s featured Tiny House story! Meet are the Longneckers, a family of SIX that have been living full time in an RV for the last 5 years! They started out by downsizing into a fifth wheel trailer, but after a few years on the road, they realized it was too big. Parking their giant trailer was difficult, and they weren’t able to go off-the-beaten track as much as they would have liked. So they downsized once again! This time into a renovated vintage airstream.

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Renovated Vintage Airstream

Features of this Renovated Vintage Airstream:

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But…. where do they all sleep?

With very limited space in their renovated vintage airstream (only 220 square feet) the Longneckers had to get creative with their interior design. The four children share a sleeping space, with two parallel bunk beds in the middle of the trailer. The parents sleep at the end of the trailer, and every night they have to make their bed by folding down the dining table and re-arranging the couch cushions into a mattress. This process might seem like a pain to some, but sometimes creature comforts have to be sacrificed if you want to live tiny.

Renovated Airstream

Why live in an Airstream with your family?

The Longneckers have had some amazing experiences over the last five years. They hike and camp in some of the United States’s most beautiful locations, and they home school on the road. As a family, they are closer than most. The kids have formed strong bonds with each other. Everyone is happy, living together on the road, and isn’t that what we all want for our family?

Would you live in a Tiny House or Airstream with your Kids?

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