Young Woman Builds Purple Tiny House as Art Project & Lives In It For Free

Young Woman Builds Purple Tiny House as Art Project & Lives In It For Free

I’ve known Miranda for many years. In fact, the first time I met here was at a Tiny House workshop in Philadelphia, where I was showing off my finished Tiny House for the first time. That was in the fall of 2014! For several years after that, Miranda and I both worked all over country for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company as workshop helpers. During that time, she was also building her own Tiny House as part of a public art project in Massachusetts. Friends, family, and even strangers came to help Miranda build her house, learning from experts giving lectures on plumbing, electricity, and framing. Everyone worked very hard on the project. So hard, in fact, Miranda ended up developing pneumonia from overdoing it! Finally, after recovering from her illness, she finished her house and painted it bright purple.

Take a Tour of Miranda’s Purple Tiny House:

Miranda’s purple Tiny House is special for many reasons. First of all, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) inside of the house is a handmade work of art. “I spent a long time searching for a handmade toilet paper holder,” she admitted with a chuckle. The effect of creating a work of art in the form of a house creates quite an eclectic interior design. Miranda also has a few innovative, custom furniture pieces, including her folding staircase and wall-mounted dining table and chairs. By including these collapsible furniture pieces in her design, the interior feels very open and functional.

Folding Stairs Tiny House

Miranda’s Tiny House Features a Custom Folding Staircase Designed By Alex Jaynes

Purple Tiny House

Other Features of Miranda’s Purple Tiny House:

  • Kitchenette with mini fridge/freezer, handmade sink, and cooktop
  • Bathroom with DIY metal shower and Nature’s Head Compost Toilet
  • Loft with Queen-size Bed
  • Sitting Area That Converts into a Day Bed

Folding Table

Some pieces came to her easily, like her folding table and chairs. A neighbor had been keeping the unique furniture piece in his basement for years, unsure what to do with it, but unable to throw it away. When he heard about Miranda’s Tiny House project, he knew it would make the perfect donation! Miranda’s newest addition, a hammock that stretches the length of the great room, is currently her favorite place to read a book. “I found a way to activate the air space in my Tiny Home,” she told us in her interview. Miranda lovingly named her house Aubergine, after the purple color.

Tiny House Hammock

Miranda has been living in her Tiny Home for several years, parking in back yards around the Boston area in exchange for work trade or as an act of kindness. Since she doesn’t pay rent for the land she is parked on, and because the Tiny House is fully paid for, Miranda lives without any housing costs! This allows her to pursue her passion for painting (and other art forms) full time. Being a big advocate for the Tiny House movement, Miranda also organizes the annual Big Mass Tiny House Festival. This year will be her 6th in charge of the event, where dozens of Tiny Houses are on display to tour, including her own.

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  1. Jenny Fulcher
    October 10, 2020 / 4:17 pm

    I love Miranda’s tiny house with all of it’s colorful artwork, fold-away dining table w/ benches, fold-away staircase, and the beautiful cat too! Thanks for sharing your lovely home. It brightened my day! Jenny :o)

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