Life in a Tiny House During a Pandemic

Tiny House Pandemic

It’s a curious, strange, and somewhat scary time in our society. I’ve have been in lockdown, here is Washington state, since mid March due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Life has slowed down. I use my Tiny House as an escape from the city (where I live full time with my husband). Usually when I go there, I feel at peace. This time is no different, albeit quieter. I think we all need a little peace right now; don’t you agree?

Watch the Video – My Tiny House Life During a Pandemic:

There are a few extra challenges that Tiny Housers face during quarantine. For example, we don’t have as much food storage or refrigerator space as you would in a regular sized home. This means making more trips to the grocery store, increasing our chances of exposure to Covid-19. Secondly, in order to combat cabin fever, many Tiny Housers depend on spending A LOT of time outdoors. The CDC currently only recommends citizens to be outside for essential reasons, or for short periods of time, during this pandemic. Anyone can go stir-crazy when stuck inside their home for a long period of time, but imagine if your house was just 160 square feet!? And if you share your Tiny House with others, like three little children, your outside time may be even more precious. Taking it away can make you feel like a prisoner in a cell. Lastly, many Tiny Housers live off-grid and/or without a permanent address. This might mean they do not have food delivery or grocery delivery options. In my case, this also means I do not have wifi in my house. I depend heavily on coffee shops to get my work done, but that’s not an option during a pandemic. All coffee shops are closed. Instead, I’m forced to burn through my cell phone data to upload my videos. This might mean I won’t have enough left over to Zoom chat with my family, leaving me feeling even more isolated.

Van Life During a Pandemic

Van dwellers are also feeling some extra challenges during lockdown. Not only are their spaces substantially smaller than Tiny Homes, but van dwellings often don’t have showers – relying mostly on gym memberships that are currently non-existent. What a terrible problem to have! Luckily most van lifers are used to living without many luxuries. It’s almost like they have been unknowingly in training for such a situation. Perhaps they are better equipped to handle a pandemic than most, at least mentally.

Watch the Video – Bus Life During a Pandemic:

I asked one skoolie couple to shoot a video showing what life has been like, for them, during the pandemic. Mostly they have been making the best of it, playing board games and showering at their parent’s homes. Luckily they do have a strong wifi signal in their current parking spot, so they can continue to work from home.

Finally, I have one more pandemic video for you. My dog asked me to check in on her Tiny House pals. So I asked a bunch of Tiny House pet owners to send in videos of their furry friends. I put the videos together as a compilation for your (and my) enjoyment. Okay… mostly my enjoyment!

Watch the Video – How Do Tiny House Pets Handle Life on Lockdown?

Could You Live Tiny House while in Lockdown?




  1. Jason Carvajal
    October 23, 2020 / 9:12 pm

    The real scare we had during lockdown, was from not having a stock of TP. We typically only buy a 4 pack at a time, which will last almost a month. We were on roll 3 when things got all crazy. Luckily we were able to finally find some from Walmart online except they were those huge industrial rolls(6 pack). Which of we still have one Luckily we were on someone’s private property at the time and we had their fast internet and plenty of grocery stores around and could also order delivery.

  2. May 20, 2020 / 1:11 pm

    Looks adorable and comfy. Stay safe! What do rates start at to stay in your tiny house? I’m a Travel Agent. This is a unique offering.

    • User Avatar May 28, 2020 / 9:53 am

      The rates depend on the season. You can always check them through the AirBNB link 🙂

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