Hi there! I’m Jenna – that “Tiny House Girl”

Welcome to my blog! If you’re interested in alternative lifestyles and unique homes, this is the site for you. I’ll tell you my story, share how others are living alternatively, and inspire you to start your own journey.

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My Story

Ten years ago I was working paycheck to paycheck at a miserable job. I was never able to save money, pay off my debt, or go on vacation. I was treading water and putting my dreams on hold. Why? Because society told me that I needed to live this way.  It’s the “norm.” Then, in 2013, I did something radical. I quit my stable job and built a Tiny House on wheels. The goal: to pay off my debt and pursue my dream of becoming a filmmaker.

My Tiny House traveled 25,000 miles the first year!

From 2014-2015, I visited more than thirty U.S. States and five Canadian Provinces with my Tiny House in tow. Along the journey, I met dozens of like-minded people embracing alternative lifestyles. I began sharing their stories on this blog and on YouTube. It wasn’t long before the videos became popular. People really responded to the idea of  finding freedom through alternatives. In less than a year, I started earning revenue, and I was even able to save a little bit of money. Four years later I was completely debt-free and financially stable for the first time in my life! I began hiring other members of the nomadic and tiny house community to help make my videos. Before I knew it, I had a business based around my passions: film and alternative lifestyles.

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Life got bigger when I started living small

The American Dream (big house, white picket fence, fancy car, etc) is NOT the key to happiness. In fact, for most, this concept will force you to spend your life chasing something that doesn’t really exist. It’s better to find happiness with less. I hold a higher value on my time, passions, and experiences than I do on my possessions.  And, while I know that living in a Tiny House is not for everyone, I believe there are many benefits to clearing space, not only in our homes but also in our lives and minds.

But I Don’t ALWAYS Love Living Tiny.

Watch my Vlog on the Downsides of Downsizing:

My View on Home

Finally, one day, I realized had finally saved enough money to purchase a new home for my growing family. After three years of adventures, I parked my tiny house on Whidbey Island in Washington and listed it available as a nightly rental. I visit the house once a month for a solo retreat and consider that time sacred.

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Today, my YouTube channel  has well over 1.5 million subscribers. So my dream of being a successful filmmaker has also come true thanks to my decision to live in a tiny house. I continue to focus is on telling stories of others living alternatively to achieve their dreams. This may mean living tiny, or it might mean something else altogether. The point is to be open to other options, and to homes and lifestyles that don’t meet the “norm.” Design your own life, and make your home work for you… not the other way around.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

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