Yosemite National Park: Muir’s Fall & Ansel’s Inspiration

“Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of… View Post

Vina Lustado’s Zen Tiny House in Ojai, California

Vina offers tiny house design tips and takes us on a tour of her Zen-like California tiny home.

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Springtime greets our traveling Tiny House

How do you celebrate spring in a Tiny House? I think frolicking through a field of wildflowers is a good start!

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Death Valley, CA: Painted Rocks & the Milky Way

We visited Death Valley with our tiny house. Read this article for stories and tips for your next wild adventure.

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John’s Artsy House Truck

“Whoa! What was that?!?” we gasped, driving down the highway. For once, WE were the rubberneckers! Immediately, we turned our tiny house around and raced back to meet John and tour his Artsy House Truck.

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Las Vegas, NV: Hoover Banned & Majestic Aliens

Continuing our road trip, we drove our Tiny House to Las Vegas, Nevada, only to “hover-banned” at the Hoover Dam.

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BA’s Traveling Tiny Home

Meet B.A. Norrgard, a traveling tiny houser, and take a tour of her teeny tiny dwelling designed by Jay Shafer!

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5 Lessons I’ve Learned from my Tiny Home

After six months on the road, here are 5 lessons I learned from my tiny home including what it really takes to live small.

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White Sands, NM: Serenity & Nothingness

We made it to New Mexico! Our first stop: White Sands National Monument. We left our footprints (and tire marks) in the sand.

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The Pinafore: A Whimsical Tiny House

Tour a beautifully hand-crafted tiny house with a whimsical theme and gothic architectural influence.

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Austin, TX: Crash Landing & Tiny Video Tours

Our trip to Austin began a crash – one that almost ruined our trip, but we recovered enough to shoot THREE video tours: one tiny house and two epic tree houses.

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Lafayette, LA: Boil, Boogie & Ride

Our trip to Lafayette, Louisiana, included thrills, eclectic music, culture and food!

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Tiny House Plumbing

I lay out the plumbing in my Tiny House. It’s simple and has on-grid and off-grid capabilities.

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Derek’s New Orleans Tiny House

After Katrina, Derek lived in a FEMA trailer. He knew his next New Orleans Tiny House would be comfortable and high quality.

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New Orleans, LA: Culture Soup & Slanderous Saints

It’s Mardi Gras! After a relaxing week parked on my uncle’s private property in Pensacola, we decided to change things… View Post

Pensacola, FL: “Playing House” & Whispering Waves

Our tiny house travels continue with a pit stop in Pensacola, Florida. Read our travel journal for stories from this beautiful location.

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Orlando, FL: Astro-Disney & Romantic Canals

Our Tiny House Travels continue with a pit stop in Orlando, Florida. Read our travel journal for more stories from this location.

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Miami, FL: Tree House Accommodations

What is the first word that comes to your mind when I say “Miami?” If it isn’t “tree house” let me change your mind with two gorgeous tree house tours!

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Fort Lauderdale, FL: Purple Mermaids & Drive-In Movies

After saying goodbye to the gorgeous blue waters of the Florida Keys, Guillaume and I scrambled to make it to… View Post

5 Tips for Tiny House Travel

Our modified Tumbleweed Cypress has rolled all the way from Los Angeles to Nova Scotia to Florida, where I’m currently writing… View Post

Florida Keys: Tortuga Titanic & Lobster Warrior

Excuse me, can you please refill my fruity drink? I’ll just be over here, sun bathing on the beach as… View Post

Everglades National Park: Mosquito Bites & Crocodile Hugs

For our first trip in 2015, Guillaume and I spent four days in the wild and shockingly beautiful Florida Everglades. This National… View Post