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Solo VanLifer Supports Himself on the Road

In today’s video, I’m featuring Lear Miller and his amazing self-converted sprinter van. Lear is an incredible photographer, and his van actually helps support his career. How, you ask? For one, his van dwelling gives…

Professional photographer simplifies his lifestyle by converting a sprinter van into his off-grid home on wheels. In doing so, Lear has elevated his work to support his passion for mountain biking.

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Sprinter Van Conversion: They Retired, Downsized, and Hit the Road!

Rich & Heather decided to downsize from their 4-br house into a sprinter van conversion after their kids moved out of the house. Now they live on the road. Full tour & cost details.

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Swiss Army Knife Van! So Many Great Ideas & Moving Parts

This van dwelling has so many moving parts, collapsible furniture pieces, and multi-purpose space savers, I started calling it the swiss army knife van!

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The Best Van Conversion I’ve Ever Seen

Wes and Savana escape high rent to live on the road in their gorgeous off-grid sprinter van conversion with a huge solar roof deck!

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Renting a Campervan for a Great Britain Road Trip

Are you interested in visiting the UK, but on a low budget? Read about how I traveled around England, Scotland, and Wales in a rented campervan, saving myself hundreds of dollars on accommodation, food, and domestic travel.

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Van Dwelling Vs. Tiny House Living

What’s the difference? Which is a better investment? A comparison for those who are considering both van dwelling and Tiny House living.

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