My Vardo Wagon!

I’ve done it again – I purchased another tiny house! This time it’s a gorgeous vardo wagon, hand built by… View Post

My Tiny House Journey. Why I Moved Out & What’s Next!

A very personal article recounting my Tiny House journey, including the bumps in the road, and how living small has helped make my dreams come true.

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My NEW Tiny House Furniture

I’ve been searching for the perfect futon for 6 years! After 3 attempts, I purchased a piece of Tiny House furniture that actually works.

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Tall Skoolie Home! Basketball Couple’s School Bus Conversion

Kels and Jay incorporated their love for basketball into their beautiful skoolie home design, & they raised the roof to accommodate their tall builds!

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Life in a Tiny House During a Pandemic

See what life is like when you live in a Tiny House, skoolie, and van during a pandemic. True stories & the challenges the Tiny House movement faces with Covid-19.

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100th Video Tour: Tiny House Celebration Dance!

I have shot 100 videos of Tiny Home Tours in the last 6 years! In order to celebrate, I asked Tiny Housers from all over the country to join me in a dance. **Special Video***

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New Years Resolution for 2020!

What I have planned for 2020 for this blog, my YouTube channel, Instagram, & more! (Pssst…. things are changing)

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My Favorite Products & Appliances for a Vintage Camper Remodel

A list of recommended camper appliances and innovative products that I used in my 1971 vintage camper remodel. Great for any Tiny House, Van, or Bus Build!

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Custom Awnings & Cushions for my Vintage Camper

The journey to renovating a vintage camper is a long one. In this article, I tell you how I chose my custom awnings and cushions, and how they work!

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My New (Epic) Tiny House Porch

After four years, I finally built my dream Tiny House porch. It’s covered, with string lights, and it’s my new favorite place in the world! Read this article for the full story and a video of the porch’s creation.

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Tiny Home Parking. How I Found a New Idyllic Location!

Finding the perfect Tiny Home parking spot is almost always a long and winding road… with a few potholes and… View Post

Four Years Tiny & A New Adventure

Year four recap and a NEW location for my Tiny Home!

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A Cursed Road Trip with my Vintage Camper

My first road trip with my vintage camper was full of bumps in the road. Whatever could go wrong… did go wrong.

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Living in a Tiny House Stinks (Sometimes)

What do I hate about living in a Tiny House? In this article, I explain the downsides I’ve experienced living in 165 square feet.

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My Trailer’s New Paint Job

My vintage trailer’s new paint job is revealed. Learn about the process and see photos of the before and after.

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Why I Love Cooking in my Tiny House

How to make a tiny kitchen functional and efficient, with my favorite gadgets and appliances. Use these tips and tricks to streamline your kitchen, no matter what size, and soon you’ll love cooking as much as I do!

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Before Video the Trailer Restoration

A few months ago, I announced that I bought a 1972 Hunter Compact Jr fiberglass trailer. Before I get too far along… View Post

My Vintage Trailer Restoration

I’m restoring and modernizing a vintage trailer. Learn why I bought this little beast, and what my plans are for it in the future!

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Renting a Campervan for a Great Britain Road Trip

Are you interested in visiting the UK, but on a low budget? Read about how I traveled around England, Scotland, and Wales in a rented campervan, saving myself hundreds of dollars on accommodation, food, and domestic travel.

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Creating a Dual Purpose Road Sign

Why should you have a road sign on your Tiny House? So that when people see your incredibly adorable home… View Post

What’s in Store for 2018?

Happy New Year. It’s time for my annual recap & update!

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My Tiny House Monthly Expenses

From parking to insurance to utilities. Learn how I am saving more money and working less, by living small.

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