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  1. Jane Johnson
    July 26, 2016 / 6:05 pm

    I have recently spoken to the owner of an RV sales company in Creswell, Oregon about tiny house communities in PDX. I am interested in finding out if they are to the point of selling spaces for tiny houses to be parked on, like trailers and RVs? I am not sure how fast things are going in this regard. From what I am reading about tiny house communities, my idea may just be “pie in the sky.” I know that there are some building codes that prevent tiny house communities in our area right now. I am just wondering if anyone has heard of any forward movement in PDX.

    • User Avatar July 26, 2016 / 6:19 pm

      I would contact these communities directly, or tiny house builders in Oregon and the PDX area. It’s usually zoning codes that are the problems before building codes though.

  2. Rose Ramsø
    May 1, 2016 / 3:14 pm

    Hi! I have followed you for so long, on your journey across the US. Was in Las Vegas when you tried to cross the Hoover Dam! And now I recently saw you in a TV program here in Norway! You are the Best! I am a North Dakota gal planted in Norway. Find your blog very interesting. Wishing you the Best! Rose

    • User Avatar May 2, 2016 / 7:59 am

      Thank you!It’s funny that our story made it all the way out to Norway. Is it online somewhere?