Nature’s Head Compost Toilet

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The perfect self-contained compost toilet for off-grid houses and small spaces. Easy to use and simple to install. This toilet is waterless, odorless, and uses only a 12-volt fan for electricity. Urine diverter and side crank make maintenance, cleaning, and dumping easy. On sale!

1 review for Nature’s Head Compost Toilet

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Fantastic product. So much better and more pleasant to use than a cassette toilet. We started in our RV with a cassette toilet and it was one of the worst experiences we have had with RV living full time. The smell and clean up were disgusting. We went looking for a better alternative, and we found it here. The unit is easy to use and more than anything, easy to empty. It doesn’t smell like a raw sewer, but rather some earthy dirt, and since its composting you don’t have to wash it perfectly clean. Just dump it and refill with compositing material and go. Highly recommended!
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