Solar Panels: 2 X Renogy 100W

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Pair two 100-watt Renogy solar panels with a GoalZero solar generator (or battery system) to create a portable system for your off-grid, mobile Tiny House. I used these panels because they are affordable.

2 reviews for Solar Panels: 2 X Renogy 100W


    I was wondering if this solar set up let’s you be able to run everything you have in your TH. I am building a 170sq ft and wondering if this would be enough or if I need a bigger one

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      That really depends on A LOT of variables. First your appliances and usage. Then your location and the amount of sunlight you get. You should do a solar calculator and add up your needs to determine this.

  2. Joseph Deschambault

    I am planning on building a Tiny House that I can live in by the Time I graduate. this is the best solar option that I have seen so far and is most likely one that I will be putting on my tiny home. love what you are doing and I hope to do the same.

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