Four years ago I quit my job, built a Tiny House, and began living minimally to reduce my expenses and debt. Today, I can afford to work for myself and travel the world multiple times a year! This page is a list of resources I’ve put together to help you achieve your dream goals through minimal living. Never be afraid to take a risk or make your own path. Live without regret and empower yourself to make choices that are right for you, not someone else. The greatest adventures always begin with a single step in a new direction.

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You can find a full list of my favorite Tiny House Books here.

Special shout out to the book Tiny House Decisions by Ethan Waldman, which discusses the real challenges you face when going tiny. There are many decisions to be made, some big and some small. This book is a great guide for getting you over the hump and working towards your Tiny House dream. The book can be purchased solo or as a package with video tours and interviews. Click here for more info.

I also highly recommend Tiny Home Builder’s Construction Guide. You can purchase the book alone, or with video tutorials. Great for someone getting ready to build.

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