Laura & Rory’s Little Blue Vancouver Tiny House

Check out Laura and Rory’s newly finished Vancouver tiny house! They spent one year building this adorable, barn shaped tiny home and share local advice.

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Navigating to Alaska: Sea to Sky Highway

Our tiny house begins the long trek to Alaska, taking the roads-less-traveled, beginning with the Sea To Sky Highway.

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Camping in British Columbia

In the United States, we’ve gotten used to either parking our tiny house on private land or camping in privately owned campgrounds. British Columbia offers private campgrounds, provincial park campgrounds and recreational sites.

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Funky Tiny House Becomes A Classroom on Wheels

I’ve toured a lot of tiny homes but none of them are quite like Zee Kesler’s Tiny Community Center in Vancouver, BC. Zee is opening her Tiny House to the public this summer as a tiny mobile classroom!

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Horror & Delight: Tiny House Crossing Into Canada

A comical story of our Tiny House crossing into Canada for the second time.

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Nova Scotia: Off-Grid Jungle & Ninja Moose

In one week, we traveled hundreds of miles and held five open houses, sleeping in a different parking lot every night and depending on… View Post

New Brunswick: Magical Creatures & Colorful Sprinkles

After leaving Quebec, we hopped, skipped and a jumped through New Brunswick. Our open house tour had us scheduled to be… View Post

Montreal: Maple Syrup Hospitality & Buggy Art

On our first morning in Quebec, we patted our little pup on the head, stuffed pillows into our staircase so… View Post

Tiny House Canada Tour FAQ

Our tiny house successfully crossed the border, and Guillaume and I began our two week open house tour through Quebec,… View Post

“Do You Have Any Guns?”: A Tiny House Border Crossing

Crossing the border into Canada with a Tiny House is not always easy, but it helps if you speak the language.

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