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Hoarder Downsizes to a Tiny House to Cure Herself

With all of the convulsive buying and materialism in the United States, who among us doesn’t know a hoarder? Most Americans have one in the family. Some hoarders even find it difficult to part with… View Post

10 Tiny House Build Tricks & Design Tips

After building several Tiny Houses, a husband and wife team share 10 design tips for DIYers.

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He Made a Tiny House With Slideouts!

Ray created a Tiny House for retirement with an innovative and spacious layout and plenty of high-end amenities.

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Creating a Dual Purpose Road Sign

Why should you have a road sign on your Tiny House? So that when people see your incredibly adorable home rolling down the road, and almost crash due to taking photos, they can also follow… View Post

5 Tiny House design tips for travel

Are you considering traveling with your tiny house? Read this article for tiny house design tips and tricks to create a road worthy tiny home.

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Front Door Options for Tiny Houses

How can you get a snazzy front door for your tiny house?? The majority of tiny house plans call for custom doorways. This is due to proportionality: tiny house = tiny door. The major hurdle is that custom… View Post