Log Cabin Themed Tiny House

Video tour of the Tiny Log Cabin, the perfect Tiny House on wheels for nature-lovers! This Tiny belongs in the woods. I imagine any hunter, fisherman, birdwatcher, or hiker would love to park this beauty on a piece of land and use it as a weekend retreat!

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“Tiny Beach House” Available For Rent in Portland

“The Beach” is one of the most popular Tiny Houses for rent at the Tiny Digs Hotel. It’s the brightest, and (arguably) the most functional Tiny House on the property. If you are looking to Go Tiny one day, this rental will give you an accurate taste of the lifestyle.

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What I Learned from Renting Another Tiny House

I rented another Tiny House at one of Portland’s Tiny House Hotels. Here’s what I learned.

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“Scarlett” Tiny House Rental at Mt Hood Tiny Village

Take a tour of “Scarlett,” my favorite vacation rental at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village in Oregon.

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“Atticus” Tiny House Rental at Mt Hood Tiny House Village

Video tour and review of the “Atticus” Tiny House rental. This sleek design is one of five nightly rentals available at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, where I’m currently parked!

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“Serenity” in Portland Tiny House Community

Karin Parramore takes us on a tour of her tiny house, “Serenity,” located a tiny home community in Portland, Oregon.

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Tiny House Community Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

We checked back in with Simply Home Community in Portland, Oregon. Watch an updated tour and learn how they make community living work!

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Portland, OR: Tiny House Conference & Bike Gangs

With our tiny house in tow, we traveled to the land of coffee, beer and bikes. Portland is famous for many reasons: colorful donuts, looming volcanic mountains, hipsters-who-were-hipsters-before-it-was-a-thing, and, most importantly, for tiny homes.

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Portland Tiny House Community

A Tiny House Community tour in Portland, including Lina’s charming tiny house “The Lucky Penny.”

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The Lilypad: An Eclectic Eco Friendly Tiny Home

Anita’s Lilypad Tiny House is perhaps the greenest, most innovative Tiny House design we’ve toured yet!

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Portland, ME: Duck Wing & Lobster Claw

It was my first time in Maine. We stationed the tiny house at the Disneyland of RV parks Bayley’s Camping… View Post

“Shipwrecked Minimalist”: A Border Crossing Story

It was time to leave Atlantic Canada. Guillaume and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour, but the date was October 5th… View Post