My Tiny House Journey. Why I Moved Out & What’s Next!

A very personal article recounting my Tiny House journey, including the bumps in the road, and how living small has helped make my dreams come true.

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Magical Tree House & Outdoor Movie Theater (Ewok Village)

Featured on Tree House Masters, Scott and Kim built a magical Tree House in their backyard, with a ton of amenities. But they didn’t stop there. The next year, they built an outdoor theater in the style of an Ewok Village!

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Family Downsize into a Luxurious Self-Built Tiny House; Happier Now!

After losing his job, Steven Mejia decided to build a luxurious Tiny House in Los Angeles for his family. Now they own their own business and are financially stable.

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Their Tiny House Converts Into a Traveling Theater

Jesse and Nora designed their mobile Tiny House to also double as a Traveling Theater so that they can host live performances on the road. Their creative design includes a long, pull-out stage.

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Stunning Tiny House for a Retired Police Officer

Shannon spent more than 20 years in law enforcement before retiring early with a medical pension. Now she’s going to travel the county in a beautiful Tiny Home!

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He Made a Tiny House With Slideouts!

Ray created a Tiny House for retirement with an innovative and spacious layout and plenty of high-end amenities.

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What’s in Store for 2018?

Happy New Year. It’s time for my annual recap & update!

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Three Years in a Tiny House

Learn how my house and my outlook on life has evolved after three years of living small.

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Tiny House Builder showcases THREE of his Masterpieces

Abel Zyl, an artistic tiny house builder, is famous in the tiny house movement for his whimsical, handcrafted tiny homes. Today, he shares his story and three of his masterpieces!

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Heating a Tiny Home for a Colorado Winter

Our system for keeping our Tiny Home toasty in the Rocky Mountains this winter.

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Tiny House, Two Babies & A Great Dane!

Macy Miller and her partner, James, prove that you can live in a tiny house with two tiny humans and a 150 pound great dane!

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Brittany’s Bayside Bungalow

Brittany designed her tiny house interior to look like a cottage, and it has wowed thousands of visitors in a last few years. Take a tour!

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Portland, ME: Duck Wing & Lobster Claw

It was my first time in Maine. We stationed the tiny house at the Disneyland of RV parks Bayley’s Camping… View Post

“Shipwrecked Minimalist”: A Border Crossing Story

It was time to leave Atlantic Canada. Guillaume and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour, but the date was October 5th… View Post

Sneak Peek Inside Our Home!

I know we haven’t posted any photos of the inside of our home yet, but today we allowed a Los Angeles radio station… View Post