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The Ideal Tiny House Community is Located on the Coast of Oregon!

Tour a Tiny House community located on the Oregon coast. Learn how the community works and why there is a long wait list to live there!

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Shipping Container Becomes Modern Backyard Additional Dwelling Unit

Family’s modern Shipping Container Home is used as a modern Additional Dwelling Unit (or ADU) for visitors and as a vacation rental.

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Their Tiny House Converts Into a Traveling Theater

Jesse and Nora designed their mobile Tiny House to also double as a Traveling Theater so that they can host live performances on the road. Their creative design includes a long, pull-out stage.

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Four Years Tiny & A New Adventure

Year four recap and a NEW location for my Tiny Home!

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“Scarlett” Tiny House Rental at Mt Hood Tiny Village

Take a tour of “Scarlett,” my favorite vacation rental at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village in Oregon.

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“Serenity” in Portland Tiny House Community

Karin Parramore takes us on a tour of her tiny house, “Serenity,” located a tiny home community in Portland, Oregon.

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Tiny House Community Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

We checked back in with Simply Home Community in Portland, Oregon. Watch an updated tour and learn how they make community living work!

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Portland Tiny House Community

A Tiny House Community tour in Portland, including Lina’s charming tiny house “The Lucky Penny.”

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Washington D.C: Political Matchbox & Spicy Devils

Finding parking for the tiny house near D.C. was trickier than most of our other destinations. After failing to secure a… View Post