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My Tiny House Journey. Why I Moved Out & What’s Next!

A very personal article recounting my Tiny House journey, including the bumps in the road, and how living small has helped make my dreams come true.

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100th Video Tour: Tiny House Celebration Dance!

I have shot 100 videos of Tiny Home Tours in the last 6 years! In order to celebrate, I asked Tiny Housers from all over the country to join me in a dance. **Special Video***

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Their Tiny House has a Sauna!?

Molly and Ken downsized into a beautiful Tiny House in Austin, Texas, and even found enough room to fit a sauna in their tiny bathroom. Take a tour!

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New Years Resolution for 2020!

What I have planned for 2020 for this blog, my YouTube channel, Instagram, & more! (Pssst…. things are changing)

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Four Years Tiny & A New Adventure

Year four recap and a NEW location for my Tiny Home!

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Creating a Dual Purpose Road Sign

Why should you have a road sign on your Tiny House? So that when people see your incredibly adorable home… View Post

What’s in Store for 2018?

Happy New Year. It’s time for my annual recap & update!

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Heidi’s Shabby Chic School Bus Conversion

Heidi wanted a home of her own without a mortgage. With housing costs on the rise, a school bus conversion was a good alternative!

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Three Years in a Tiny House

Learn how my house and my outlook on life has evolved after three years of living small.

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How To Weigh Your Tiny House

Tiny Homes are heavy! It’s important to stay within your trailer limits. Here is how I calculate my Tiny House weight.

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“Lincoln” Tiny House Rental at Mt Hood Tiny House Village

Take a tour with me of “Lincoln,” a Tiny House Rental at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village.

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Tiny House in Transition

I wanted to address something a lot of you have already guessed: Guillaume and I parted ways earlier this year. We remain close friends, and we are supporting each other through this transition. So what’s next?

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Tiny House Insurance. My Personal Experience and Policy

Insuring a self-built tiny house is challenging. In this article I talk about insurance options and what policy I chose.

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Two Years in a Tiny House

It has been a transformational two years. I’ve learned so much about life, material objects, and most of all, myself.

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Two Days at Craters of the Moon National Monument

Spelunking in a Lava Cave? Hiking for miles through a charred, blackened landscape that resembles the surface of the Moon? Yeah, we did that.

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Haines, AK: Speedy the Bear & a Hammer Museum

Our first stop in Southeast Alaska left us fascinated by one man’s obsession and sadden about the inevitable fate of a few local bear cubs.

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How to Break Into a Tiny House

The worst possible scenario happened. We were locked out, in the middle of rural Alaska, with no cell service. The solution we came up with still makes me laugh.

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Homer, AK: Fishing & Camping on the Spit

Fishing is a way of life in Homer, Alaska. After trying to catch a salmon for weeks from shore, we decided to try our luck out on a boat.

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10 Steps for Tiny House Parking & Set Up

Where can you park a tiny house? Watch our video explaining our easy 10 step process for tiny house parking, for on-grid or off-grid locations.

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Nashville, TN: Three Tiny Homes & Chicken Analogies

After our weird and surreal vacation in Gatlinburg and a quick visit to the World’s Largest Treehouse, we headed west to a… View Post

Gatlinburg, TN: Moonshine Madness & Mountaineering

Pulling our tiny house through the extremely odd (yet entertaining) world of Gatlinburg, and then climbing to the top of a mountain, was a wacky experience!

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New York, NY: September 11th 2014

New York! Oh how I’ve dreamed of meeting you my entire life. And here we are: you with all your… View Post