A Cursed Road Trip with my Vintage Camper

My first road trip with my vintage camper was full of bumps in the road. Whatever could go wrong… did go wrong.

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Stunning Tiny House for a Retired Police Officer

Shannon spent more than 20 years in law enforcement before retiring early with a medical pension. Now she’s going to travel the county in a beautiful Tiny Home!

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Their Spacious Tiny House Feels like a Real Home

Jadon & Katie decided to downsize to a Tiny House to decrease their financial burden and increase the adventure in their lives. Now they live on the road!

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How To Weigh Your Tiny House

Tiny Homes are heavy! It’s important to stay within your trailer limits. Here is how I calculate my Tiny House weight.

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5 Tiny House design tips for travel

Are you considering traveling with your tiny house? Read this article for tiny house design tips and tricks to create a road worthy tiny home.

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How to Change a Tire on a Tiny House

Better safe than sorry! This article explains how to change a Tiny House flat tire on the road.

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Happy New Year from Tiny House Giant Journey

After spending all of 2015 traveling around in our self-built tiny home, we discuss where the road will lead our tiny house in the new year!

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Two Days at Craters of the Moon National Monument

Spelunking in a Lava Cave? Hiking for miles through a charred, blackened landscape that resembles the surface of the Moon? Yeah, we did that.

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Bruneau Dunes: Surfing the Sand

Surfs Up! We tried sandboarding at North America’s single largest sand dune. Wipeout!

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Boise, ID: Eats on the Basque Block

We ate and we concurred! Now, can you please roll us home to our rolling home? ?

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Valdez, AK: Fluffy Bunnies & Glacier Cruise

There’s so much wildlife to be seen in Valdez, I don’t even know where to start!

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75 Year Old Man Travels World in Incredible House Truck

John takes us on a tour of his homemade wooden House Truck, which he built with his wife, and uses to travel the world.

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Navigating to Alaska: Klondike Loop

Our tiny house crosses into Alaska, following the famous Gold Rush route on the dusty Klondike Highway.

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The Cost of Towing a Tiny House

The cost of towing might come with a price tag, but the journey itself is priceless.

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John’s Artsy House Truck

“Whoa! What was that?!?” we gasped, driving down the highway. For once, WE were the rubberneckers! Immediately, we turned our tiny house around and raced back to meet John and tour his Artsy House Truck.

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White Sands, NM: Serenity & Nothingness

We made it to New Mexico! Our first stop: White Sands National Monument. We left our footprints (and tire marks) in the sand.

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5 Tips for Tiny House Travel

Our modified Tumbleweed Cypress has rolled all the way from Los Angeles to Nova Scotia to Florida, where I’m currently writing… View Post

Florida Keys: Tortuga Titanic & Lobster Warrior

Excuse me, can you please refill my fruity drink? I’ll just be over here, sun bathing on the beach as… View Post

New Haven, CT: White Clam Za & Open House

Tick tock, tick tock! Boston to Charlotte. Tick tock. Six Days. Tick tock. 863 miles. Most of the time our… View Post

Portland, ME: Duck Wing & Lobster Claw

It was my first time in Maine. We stationed the tiny house at the Disneyland of RV parks Bayley’s Camping… View Post

Tiny House Canada Tour FAQ

Our tiny house successfully crossed the border, and Guillaume and I began our two week open house tour through Quebec,… View Post

“Do You Have Any Guns?”: A Tiny House Border Crossing

Crossing the border into Canada with a Tiny House is not always easy, but it helps if you speak the language.

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