Craftsman Tiny House Built by Artsy Couple to Escape Rent

Laurel and Brandon built a Tiny House so that they can escape the rent trap and starting working on their careers. I can relate. This is one reason why I went tiny! Check out this article to see the inside of their stunning craftsman-style Tiny Home.

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Backyard Cottages: Minimalism in the City

Backyard cottages are becoming a popular investment and housing alternative as the city of Seattle sees increasing rent and home prices. I interviewed an architect that specializes in building small backyard cottages in the city, as well as a couple that built and downsized into one themselves.

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Tiny Home Parking. How I Found a New Idyllic Location!

Finding the perfect Tiny Home parking spot is almost always a long and winding road… with a few potholes and… View Post

Four Years Tiny & A New Adventure

Year four recap and a NEW location for my Tiny Home!

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Seattle, WA: Free Sightseeing & Tiny House Adventures

Seattle has a lot of offer and we tried to keep it cheap! In this article, we list our favorite free or cheap activities in the city.

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Columbia Gorge: Drooling Cascades & Lush Forests

We took a detour to the Columbia River Gorge and WOW was it worth it! In this article, we list a few of our favorite day hikes and show where you can find some spectacular waterfalls.

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Olympia, WA: Mountain Goats & Tiny House Wrestling

In this article we list our favorite eats, hiking and bird watching spots in the Olympia area. Then we visit Dee Williams and her famous tiny house.

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Washington D.C: Political Matchbox & Spicy Devils

Finding parking for the tiny house near D.C. was trickier than most of our other destinations. After failing to secure a… View Post