Tiny House Consultations

I receive a lot of emails with desperate Tiny Housers looking to have their questions answer. As much as I’d love to help everyone, I simply can’t keep up. So, I’ve decided to offer Tiny House Consultation video chats!

What are Tiny House Consultations?

Tiny House consultations are a great way for you to get your specific build, design, or lifestyle questions answered. In each one-hour video/phone chat session,  I offer advice and resources that will help you make your Tiny House dream into a reality. Learn from my mistakes and streamline your process of going tiny!

My Background

I built my Tiny House  3 years ago and traveled over 25,000 miles with it from Alaska to Florida, and everywhere in between! I have been featured on several Tiny House TV shows on HGTV and Travel Channel.  Currently, I live in my Tiny House in Mt. Hood Tiny House village in Oregon. To learn more About Me, click here.

Who should book a Tiny House Consultation:

  • Anyone looking to build or buy a Tiny House
  • DIYers in the process of building a Tiny Home with specific questions
  • Tiny Housers with lifestyle or appliance questions
  • Anyone interested in starting a Tiny House blog

How Tiny House Consultations work:

I will connect with you via a Skype video chat,* streaming from my own Tiny House to give you a tour and visual references. I will answer your questions, showcasing examples in my own Tiny Home. Consulting chats will last up to one hour.

*A phone call (or other media communication) can be accommodated if preferred


$45 per 1/2 hr OR $60 per 1 hr session

*Payment made via credit card, PayPal, Venmo, or Ca$h Application

Example Questions You Can Ask:

Below are a few questions that have been asked during my consultations. Of course, you may ask anything Tiny House related, and I will do my best to give you a detailed and informative answer.

  • What would you do differently in your build?
  • How do you like your specific tiny house appliance, do you suggest a certain brand?
  • I plan to travel with my tiny house, do you have suggestions for saving weight?
  • How do the utilities work off-grid?
  • Can you explain your solar system/plumbing /greywater?
  • What is your favorite part of going tiny?
  • How is the tiny house attached to the trailer?
  • Explain how often you change/empty your propane tanks/compost toilet / fresh or greywater tanks?
  • How do you do laundry?
  • What was the total cost?
  • How long did it take to build?
  • What do you think of slide outs? Fold down porches? Steel framing?
  • What is your parking situation?
  • Do you have suggestions for finding parking?
  • How did you downsize?
  • How do you winterize for your climate?
  • Can I see your closet?
  • And more!


“Jenna was amazing at providing confidence and some extra information I was trying to gather prior to picking up my house from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. With her experience in having a tiny and traveling with it, she knew exactly what I was facing!  I found that it made a HUGE difference by talking to Jenna. I recommend to anyone that is going “Tiny” and has questions, to make an appointment with Jenna!  The information and the time spent is invaluable.” 
– Katrina Touck’e / Tootling Tranquility Tiny House
“Jenna has ALL the answers! Our 1-hour consultation was not only extremely informative but very inspiring. When we had a question, Jenna would hop up with her laptop in hand and not just tell us, but physically show us the answer. An absolute MUST for any tiny house dreamers/builders!” 
– Jesse & Nora / TinyHomeTinyTheatre.org
“We are in the beginning stages of our tiny house journey and decided to do an hour consultation with Jenna. It was so helpful and informative. Jenna is not only genuinely interested in what unique things you are planning to do but she is very knowledgeable about everything from trailers to appliances, to laundry options, toilets, and design ideas. Jenna is honest about her experiences and is so happy to help others on this journey. We would recommend doing a Tiny House consultation with Jenna to anyone who is thinking about building a tiny house or is already in the process. It is great to just have an opportunity to ask questions and get advice from such a friendly face. Thank you Jenna!” 
– Adam & Rachel Carbary
Best money I’ve spent throughout my entire Tiny House build! I spent countless hours searching the internet for answers to my ever growing list of questions and they were all answered in one hour spent talking with Jenna. Not only did the consultation answer my questions and reduce the stress of the build but Jenna also brought up ideas and design functions I never thought of. Her wealth of knowledge has let me make changes in my building process that will definitely improve living in my tiny house. Thanks Jenna!”
– Jared Howell
“Jenna is a charming personality to work with. After about 2 years on my build, I’d reached a plateau on my project. Our 1-hour consultation was full of excellent information and helped motivate me to get back to work. She is well-organized, punctual, and gives thorough and direct answers to questions. Jenna has published a massive amount of detailed tutorials, so I recommend looking for the answers to your questions on her site first, and then use your consultation to talk about how to apply those concepts to your particular project. Her knowledge is invaluable and I hope to work with her again in the future.”

Contact me to book a Tiny House consultation: