Tiny House Story (short version)

In 2013 I decided to downsize and build a Tiny House, with my then boyfriend, after reading an article online. We quit our jobs and built our little home, without ever even seeing a Tiny House in person. From 2014-2015 we traveled over 25,000 miles our Tiny Home in tow. At the end of that journey, my boyfriend and I decided to split ways. I wanted to continue the tiny lifestyle, so I bought out his half of the Tiny House, and I continued to live in it (alone) for two more years. In 2017, I moved into a 500 square foot cottage with the man that would become my husband. My Tiny House is now parked one hour away from Seattle, on a small island, and we use it as a vacation home and rental.

Day In The Life

This video was created in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic and country-wide lockdown. You can see my daily routine, when I stay in my Tiny House, with some modifications.

Tiny House Video Tour

This video tour was shot in 2017, when I was still living full time in my Tiny House. It gives and in-depth look at all of my favorite Tiny House appliances and chosen materials. If you’re curious about the budget of my Tiny House build, click here for a full cost breakdown and explanation

Tiny House Photos: On The Road

Tiny House Photos: Interior

*Photography by Guillaume Dutilh