Jenna Spesard is a lifestyle blogger and vlogger who loves small space interior design, alternative building practices, unique travel, and her own Tiny Home near Seattle, Washington. Her readers are inspired by her lifestyle to live minimally and achieve their dreams.

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Jenna is originally from the midwest USA, but she was born with wanderlust in her heart. As soon as she was old enough to leave the house she began traveling overseas. After graduating from the Victoria College of Arts in Melbourne, Australia, with a Masters Degree in Film & Video, she moved to Los Angeles where she pursued a career in feature film development for six years. One day she realized the movie studio world was not for her, so she quit her job and decided to do something radical that would change her life. She built a Tiny House and began traveling the United States, sharing stories of people living in alternative, authentic lives in the pursuit of happiness.

Tiny House Giant Journey is a popular blog among independent women, minimalists, Tiny Housers, and travel enthusiasts. The website has been active since 2014, reaching over a half a million people annually, with a social media following of a combined 720,000 followers! Read on to learn how you can work with Jenna Spesard, the author of this blog.

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In her spare time, Jenna enjoys hanging out with her incredibly beautiful dog and amazing husband, running, and binging television a movies (once a film nerd, always a film nerd). When she’s not exercising or watching GOT on repeat, Jenna is sharing stories on Tiny House Giant Journey’s YouTube channel, blog, and chatting on social media to provide people with alternative stories that will inspire them to live life to the fullest.

Website Statistics:

Monthly Visitors: 30k+

Monthly Pageviews: 45k+

Social Media Statistics:

YouTube Subscribers: 610k Subscribers

Instagram Followers: 72k

Facebook Fans: 35k

Twitter Followers: 5k

Total Combined Social Media Followers: 720,000+


There are several ways you can work with Jenna

Advertising / Product Promotion

Jenna offers advertising opportunities on this website. You can place an ad in her sidebar promoting a product or offering a deal. She also reviews and promotes products in blog posts and on her social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram).

Freelance Writing

Jenna has written guest posts, advice columns, and reviews for a variety of websites. She does NOT allow others to write on her website. Please, do NOT reach out to write for If you’d like to advertise on this website, see sponsored posts below.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Jenna writes sponsored blog posts on her website, highlighting products or events

Speaking Events & MeetUps

Jenna has been a guest speaker at dozens of workshops, festivals, Universities, High Schools, and events all over the country.

Other Ways You Can Work with Jenna

  • Ambassadorships
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Live videos
  • Instagram takeovers, stories, giveaways, etc.
  • Photos and Video Shoots
  • Projects that will help tell your story to my audience

Pricing and Rates

Each opportunity listed above has an individual rate based on the scope of work and the exclusivity. Please contact Jenna using the form below with your opportunity or idea. I would love to figure out a way we can work together within your budget.

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