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Tiny House Giant Journey is a popular blog among independent women, minimalists, Tiny Housers, and travel enthusiasts. The website has been active since 2014, reaching over a half a million people annually, with a social media following of a combined 485,000 followers! Read on to learn how you can work with Jenna Spesard, the author of this blog.

Jenna Spesard writes about her Giant Journey, including her adventures as a single woman living in a Tiny House and her budget travels abroad. Her readers are inspired by her lifestyle to live minimally and achieve their dreams.

work with me

Website Statistics:

Monthly Visitors: 45k+

Monthly Pageviews: 75k+

Social Media Statistics:

YouTube Subscribers: 380k Subscribers

Instagram Followers: 67k

Facebook Fans: 34k

Twitter Followers: 5k

Total Combined Social Media Followers: 485,000+


In the Press

Jenna and her “Tiny House Giant Journey” has been featured on many major media channels, including HGTV, Travel Channel, AOL, Yahoo!, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and more. By offering to work with Jenna, you receive a wide exposure of followers from various outlets. For a full list of press coverage, click here.

There are several ways you can work with Jenna. . .


Advertising / Product Promotion

Jenna offers advertising opportunities on this website. You can place an ad in her sidebar promoting a product or offering a deal. She also reviews products and promotes them in blog posts and on her social media.

Each product and/or advertisement is pending Jenna’s approval to maintain the authenticity of this website.

Brands That Have Advertised with Tiny House Giant Journey’s Social Media & Blog:

  • Royal Robbins Clothing
  • Camco Products
  • Leatherman
  • BioLite
  • GoSun Solar Oven
  • Solavore Solar Oven
  • Mt. Hood Tiny House Village
  • Wyoming Tourism Board
  • GoIceland
  • TruForm Tiny
  • SafetyWing Travel Insurance

YouTube Advertising:

And dozens more!

work with me

Travel Partnerships and Experiences

Jenna partners with companies to promote travel experiences on this blog and her social media. A few examples include scuba diving in Mexicocampervanning in Iceland,  9 days of glamping around Great Britain, a tour of Wyoming (including Yellowstone) with the Wyoming Tourism Board, and, most recently, glamping in Morocco with!

Writing: Guest & Sponsored Posts

Jenna has written guest posts, advice columns, and reviews for a variety of websites, including,,,, and She does NOT allow others to write on her website. Please, no guest post inquiries for If you’d like to advertise on this website, see sponsored posts below.

Writing Examples:

Sponsored Blog Posts Examples:

Jenna also writes sponsored blog posts on her website, highlighting products or events. For example, check out this post on BEHR paint’s Tiny Giveaway and this one for

Speaking Events

Jenna has been a guest speaker at dozens of Tumbleweed Tiny House workshops all over the country. She also holds a monthly speaking event at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village. In 2017, she was a speaker at the 2017 Tiny House Living Festival, and the 2017 & 2018 Tiny House Jamboree that saw thousands of attendees. In 2018, she was the keynote speaker at the Washington DC Tiny House Festival, Tiny Fest Northwest in Oregon, and the New Orleans Tiny House Festival.  Jenna has also given talks at Universities and High Schools.

work with me


Jenna offers Tiny House consultations. For more info, click here.

Pricing and Rates

Each opportunity listed above has an individual rate. Please contact Jenna using the form below to get a quote.